We are a purely dedicated, fitness and competitive western boxing gym located in Bangkok, Thailand since 2014. We offer a unique boxing system that has been proven to help our students at all boxing levels to understand the physical and intellectual sides of the sweet science. We are dedicated to sharing knowledge and giving our best in our teachings. Our primary goals are not just helping our students get to the destination but to make sure they continue to progress in each and every session they train and enjoy the journey towards greatness. We believe that there is no limit in boxing as well as shortcuts to success. We value hard work, efforts, discipline, respect and dedication which are the components that make up a true fighter.



Having expertise and experiences in what we teach combined with a safety practice in training and a full range of high quality training equipment sponsored by Fairtex Thailand, you are guaranteed to have a quality training here.

Coaching Style

Our coaches pay close attention to each individual's psychological and physical capability and needs to understand each client's learning style in order to help bring out the best in them.


Our private programs offer flexibility in scheduling, training frequency, and duration. We also offer various group classes on both weekdays and weekends for your preferred training day.


Personalizing a program to meet your specific short-term and long-term goals by customizing the type of training, intensity, frequency, and other on-demand modifications to best fit what you are looking for.

Effective Results

Delivering effective and measurable results is our utmost priority. We help you set realistic goals and ensure that you get the most out of your training program that will bring improvement in quality of life.





Invest in your boxing knowledge and reach your goals faster with the specific programming personalized just for you


70+ Group Classes at two locations monthly, find ones you really enjoy and keep coming back for more!


A Journey to be well-prepared mentally, emotionally, and physically for your upcoming fight.


Turn your passion into profit. Learn how to start a career as a a boxing trainer.

"I have been with LHB even before there was a gym. Coach Jay-R has been instrumental in honing my skills of the sweet science, from the fundamental basics to sparring techniques. While there are many boxing styles, coach Jay-R is unique in his abilities not only in analyzing and articulating but finding ways to correct my mistakes, as he and his wife are also both passionate about boxing and operating a gym, LHB turned out to be one of the best western boxing focused facilities in Thailand, not to mention the shared love of boxing between staff and members. "
Buttrat C.
CEO, Silkspan Financial Supercenter
"What I like most about Lion's Head Boxing is that they teach good basics. It doesn't matter what sport you play, if you have solid fundamentals, you will have a good future in it and Lion's Head is the answer to everything"
Jetrin W.
Thai Superstar/ 10fight10 Founder
""Many gyms try to get you to explore their stance and style while coach Jay-R doesn't just do that. He gets you to experiment with different styles to see how comfortable you are with it and do minor adjustments here and there. The staff are very friendly and very professional. Easy to talk to and easy going"."
Jack A.
Brand spokeperson, Betagen